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Liu Zi Jue 


Liu Zi Jue (the art of expiration in producing six different sounds) is a tradinational exercise of health promotion. It is praticed through the art of expiration. Liu Zi Jue is of a long history and has been spread widely. There existed the records of Liu Zi Jue in the Southern and Northern Dynasties (420-581 A.D.). During the process of its spread, the masters of medicine and regimen in various generations replenished and improved it in different aspects. 


Based on the traditional Liu Zi Jue, by the related modern scientific theories and methods, the order of the six characters, the pronunciation and the degrees of lip-rounding have been regulated and standardized to make it more scientific and reasonable. 


The six characters in the Health Qigong Liu Zi Jue form a whole entity, and each of them is independent as well, and may be practiced separately. In respiration, pronunciation practice is being taken up with simple actions of Qigong. The respiration and actions can supplement and complement each other. 

Scientific studies show that in geberal, the survival quality of the exercisers has been remarkably improved compared with that before they practice Liu Zi Jue. There is a trend of improvement in physical and psychological states, and in the human relations. Their family members live in harmony. Furthermore, the investigation about the healing of sick people shows that Health Qigong Liu Zi Jue is helpful to middle-aged and elderly people who suffer from certain chronic diseases.